Combi-tickets fasttrack

If you are planning to visit the farm and the barn and prefer not to queue, we are offering a pay ahead ticket for you to fast-track onto the farm. This is available for BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND

We can't guarantee that there will be no queue, but from 9.30am-11.30am we are offering a separate desk near the farm entrance and it will be much faster to process your entry and get you onto the farm to start meeting the animals.


If you are ONLY visiting the Play Barn then we aren't offering fast-track but we'd recommend an early start or a later arrival (after 2.30) if you'd like to enjoy a quieter play. We are open 9.30am - 6.30pm. We've expanded our seating areas and we are earmarking party space for general public seating too.


There's no extra charge for fast-track but it is only available on Farm and Play Barn combi-tickets.

Child: £12.95,

Adult £8.95,

Babies under 12 months £1 (or free if you have a paying child)

You will also need a 50p deposit for the bucket that contains the animal feed.


Babies under 12 months: The £1 is a nominal charge for a bucket of animal feed. PLEASE note that babies are NOT entitled to the many inclusive farm activities such as sit-on a pony, collect an egg, chick chat etc. If you'd like your little one to take part then they must pay the normal child admission.

Fast-track entry to The Farm
over Easter weekend.