Help our Horse - Sponsorship Scheme

You may remember that back in June we had a new foal that struggled to walk. He lost a lot of blood at birth which left him too weak to get up. It's so important that foals stand and feed within their first hour and we had to rush him to the vets in the early hours of the morning. After blood and plasma transfusions, he was still unable to get himself up onto all 4 legs unsupported and ended up staying there for 9 days. With a lot of patience and hard work, the vets got him standing and walking on his own and finally he was ready to come back to the farm. The Birmingham Post wrote about Brave's story on his return - see the photo and article.

Unfortunately, this wasn't Brave's last trip to the vets! A few weeks after his return, he developed an abscess in one of his rear legs  (perhaps due to a weakened immune system after his difficult start). Back to the vets!

If you have a pet who has needed just a short trip to the vets, you can imagine the cost! You'll also know that you don't want to give up on a much-loved animal.

Brave is now approaching 6 months old and is becoming a lovely young horse. However, his problems aren't over. During his first visit, the vet also identified a problem with Brave's bite. His top jaw extends too far over his lower causing a condition called overbite. The vet will pin his top jaw with a brace so that it grows more slowly, giving the lower jaw a chance to catch up. It's an expensive operation and we've decided to ask for our visitors help through a sponsorship scheme.


All donations are gratefully received.
For donations of over £5, you'll receive a certificate and photo.
For donations over £30, you'll be sent a sponsor's pack which will include 2 child tickets and 2 adult tickets (worth £32)

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