Why not make the most of your school's teacher training days with a visit to the farm and barn. Now on offer Friday 15th February and Monday 25th February.


There's a £3 discount per child and per adult if you book online for your INSET date. Declare your school's name on arrival and we will credit them with £1 off a school trip or towards a voucher for a prize at your school fayre. It's good for you and good for your school - win win!


The offer is on our combi-tickets and brings the price down to just £9.95 for a child and £4.95 for an adult for entry to The Children's Farm and The Big Play Barn. A lot of fun for  little cost.

If you're not ready to commit to an online booking there's still a £2 discount on offer per child and per adult on the day. Just give the password "rabbit" and declare your school so we can record their free credit.